Natalie McQueen

Performer – 9to5 Musical, the Savoy Theatre, London

“We were actually on stage warming up for the show the evening the Theatres closed. We all knew something was happening so a few people had their phones and were watching the news of other shows and theatres announcing they wouldn’t be performing that evening. As we finished warm up we were told the news. 

We kind of new it would happen at some point. For me personally and a few others in the cast, we were due to finish our contracts around 2 weeks later so there was a real gutting feeling knowing we may never perform 9 to 5 again. We had no idea at the time how long it would be but I had a feeling I wouldn’t finish up my run as Doralee. Unfortunately that did happen – for all of the cast sadly.

It’s the weirdest feeling knowing that a whole part of my life exists in a space I haven’t seen in months. Also, that room was ready for a show that evening. There’s probably lash glue on a lash ready to go for that night. Going back to collect everything will be a really surreal moment I’m sure.

Would I go back to the Theatre right now? It’s a tough one because, obviously people want to return to theatres to be entertained and I’m sure social distance seating is a real possibility but the fact is, that side may be a lot simpler than what would be able to happen on stage. On and off stage we are in such close contact. I of course miss theatre but safety is the most important thing here. 

I truly cannot wait to get back into the audition room and back onto a stage. Once I’ve cleared up my savoy dressing room first of course haha!”

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